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Optical Turnstiles for Access Control

An optical turnstile is a device used for physical security to prevent entry of unauthorized people into a building or room.

It is a component of building access control system and is typically installed in the lobby – though it can also be added to any doorway to enhance security.

It usually consists of a pair of pedestals that people pass through.

A card reader which is connected to the building’s access control system is installed on or in the turnstile.

People entering the building present their access card at the turnstile and, if it is a valid card, the system will allow one person to pass.

The turnstile will indicate that the card has been accepted by lighting a green light. The person may now pass through the turnstile and enter the building.

It is the function of the turnstile to determine how many people pass through so that it can sound an alarm if two people try to enter on a single valid card.

The optical turnstile uses infra-red (IR) beams to detect the passage of people between the two pedestals.

About Ingress Control Products & Staff

Our staff has over fifty years of combined experience and hold several patents on various devices.

We know the optical turnstile industry: our design and engineering team is composed of former leading turnstile manufacturers.

We offer our customers an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly product; keeping in mind our customer’s security needs.

With our patented Universal Turnstile Frame, Ingress Control represents the ultimate in physical access control technology.

Features of Ingress Control optical turnstiles:

  • modular mechanical assembly = easy to replace/maintain, plug and play operation
    • Easy for customers to have spare parts, less risk of down time
    • Easy for Ingress Control to maintain spare parts on the shelf, ready to ship
    • modern components used
  • only three (3) electronics boards (4-7+ for many competitors)
  • one (1) cable between units for strictly optical or counting
  • two (2) cables between units for barrier unit (4-12 for many competitors)
  • one (1) conduit between cabinets regardless of configuration
  • narrow frames providing more lanes in given area (better traffic flow)
  • tri color directional indicator display
  • can be ordered with decorative skins or added later or vise versa
  • Standard frames, with wide range of options available to satisfy architects and interior designers
  • real time signal processing
  • through close loop motor control
  • accuracy is not diminished by throughput
  • 128 beam integrated matrix
  • low production cost, allowing for competitive pricing
  • low production cost by design, not by cheaping out on parts / quality
  • industry first/only smart beam boards
  • What that allows us to:
    • run common 24VDC voltage at low DC currents over common CAT5 cabling
    • networked communication to control board
    • single cable wiring between parts
  • fault monitoring and detection:
    • voltages monitored
    • IR parts power consumption monitoring
    • IR parts electronic shorts and open circuit faults
    • light board (red/green/yellow) current limiting & monitoring
    • redundant communication channel for debug
  • adjustable IR power output control
  • end light dimming
  • What the customer sees:
    • single cable beam & light control
    • plug & play operation
  • Full Size Turnstiles:
    • US Patent No: 9,279,463
    • 15% parts reduction
    • 30% fewer fasteners
    • adaptable to any existing structure (modular pivoting mechanism)

…we put our money where it counts – in the security of our product…